close up photo of ring

Sarah Green Gamber

Sally looked from the cluttered sink to the window ledge where her sister’s diamond ring sat in a soap-dish. Outside, the setting sun flared like a solar blade and Sally stood on tip-toe to avoid its blinding glare. A ray lit the diamond solitaire and flashed a prism. That ring taunted Sally – a cutting reminder of all she lacked in her life. With wet fingers dripping suds, she reached for the jewel, pinched, and snuffed its light. Her sister entered the kitchen and Sally popped the ring in her mouth, pressing its sharp ridges against her tender palate with her tongue, and resumed her circular sponging. Behind Sally’s shoulder, her sister stood still, peering into the empty soap-dish, then left the room without speaking. Sally swallowed.

Sarah Green Gamber, an aspiring novelist, is an American wife and mother of two, living the overseas dream in Granada, Spain. When apart from her laptop, she can be found hiking in pine forests, drinking cava on geranium-filled terraces, learning flamenco in barrel-vaulted caves, or obsessing over words with book clubs and writers groups. Twitter: @GamberSarah.