cathechism with stone & ghost

Evelynn Black

the artist: the first person to set out a boundary stone, or make a mark

	--Deleuze & Guattari, A Thousand Plateaus 

six stones standing who knows 
how long in the November air:

notes to a path: where not
to go: the gash of the land: 

ash of remembrance:
ash in the fog: not long 

lasts the heat: a small fire 
on the heath: ire of the gods:

ire of the coming cold: here
is one page facing: one page

yet to turn: whisp the small 
curls: orange edges of

what I want to burn: ages pinched
in: an aspect of the world

found in a specter: she’d be furious
if I couldn’t start this story over:

catechism: how many years
harrow us: all of them:

how beautiful is the sky: 
it isn’t: but how long 

is the memory: 
too long, not long enough: 

it lingers like a specter:
like a ghost in her old brain:

Evelynn Black is a trans writer from Seattle. She received her MFA from Cornell University. Her work has appeared in Empty Mirror, The Seattle Review, Peculiars Magazine, and other publications.